What I do?

I help business to create or empower already founded brands reflecting their unique style while understanding their target audience. From print to website design I intend to cover all of my client´s needs. Although most of my experience is in fashion I am versatile and love to work with diverse industries.


After listening to your story, I make my own research to understand your business and customers, then we create together a successful, attractive, cohesive and strong result that aligns to your specific need.


I generally work on my own and one project at a time to be able to deliver in time and value. But if the project requires it I team up with other professionals in order to offer a complete service.

My Career Path
My Career Path

I´ve been working as a graphic designer for the last 14 years. After obtaining my Bachelor in Graphic Design at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in Argentina I worked in different design studios attending the necessities of a variety of clients.


Driven by my passion for corporate identity I starting looking for a job that would allow me to understand all the aspects of a brand, that is how in 2006 I began working at Rapsodia a Fashion Brand Label recently added to Louis Vuitton HM Group. There I worked for 7 years, initially as a Graphic Design Analyst and ultimately promoted to the role of Communication Sub-Manager, being in charge of the supervision of all the marketing plan. During these years, I was lucky to see the growth of this successful company being an active participant of every decision made regarding its strong brand identity.


In 2013 I resign to this role to move to Australia and accompany my husband in a new step in his career. I started my journey as a freelance graphic designer two years ago, and I´ve been working with some fantastic and interesting clients since then.

On a personal note...

After almost seven years living in Australia I moved back to my home country Argentina. I’m a Spanish native speaker but I´ve been speaking in English since the age of 4. I´am married and have two daughters and a baby boy. I choose to work on my own in order to balance my time between family and work.

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