Ruby Yaya

Fashion Brand Label

Ruby Yaya is a fashion brand label based in Australia but distributing all around the world. Ruby Yaya celebrates the love of travel and adventure and targets an attitude rather than age offering a refreshing sense of escape. Last year they contacted me to help them with their Spring Season 2016 communication and I designed their website and Brochure for the season. This year they contacted me again to I do the same works for their Spring 2017 season. And I also designed some cloths hang tags.

Triptic Brochure
Website design
Newsletter Design
Cloth Hang Tag

2016 & 2017

Website Design, Spring 2017

Triptic brochure Spring 2017

Main Clothing Hang-Tag

Triptic brochure Spring 2016-Cover

Interior (triptic brochure)

Back cover (triptic brochure)

Newsletter Design Spring 2016