Mother´s day Communication
For 2014 Mother's Day, Rapsodia, famous Argentinian fashion brand, ask me to design some communication elements. Being a women´s wear company, mother´s day has always been an important date in it´s yearly events calendar. They wanted me to design a Newsletter and a small poster that would be place in store. The aesthetics for this communication elements had to follow the season styling and as rapsodia owns stores in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere of th globe, two different styles had to be designed.
The first correspond to Summer Season 2014 present at that moment in the Southern Hemisphere Countries (Urguay, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil) and the other two were done for the Winter Season 2014 present at that moment in the Northern Hempisphere (Mexico and Colombia).


NL design

Communication in Store




Small Poster & Newsletter Design for Northern Hemisphere stores

Small Poster & Newsletter for Southern Hemisphere